Fiji Vacations

Fly Away to Paradise with a Fiji Vacation

Fiji is a majestic place, rising from the Pacific with volcanic mountains into a paradise that people visit more and more every year! Right off the coast you’ll find many different coral reefs and turquoise blue-green waters that make it magical. Each season is just like the one before it, with beautiful warm weather year round. See the Garden of the Sleeping Giant in Nadi with its beautiful orchids, lily pond and gardens that take you to a whole other world. You can go on a white water rafting trip in the islands beautiful and rough rivers. If you’re an avid golfer, you should check out The Pearl in Queens Road with its great golf courses. If you’re looking for great cuisine, you’ll find it here! Chinese and Indian food will be found just about everywhere, and you’ll also find traditional Fiji dishes like pork, fish and lamb with special seasonings that make it pop. If you’re looking to party, try the local drink kava; it’s a delicious pepper-root alcohol that can get you drunk pretty fast so you’ll want to watch out when you drink it for the first time. When you come to Fiji, you’ll be able to experience the trip of a lifetime!

Isn’t a Fiji Vacation Expensive?

When you visit the tiny island of Fiji, you’ll spend just a fraction of what you would back home! With an all inclusive destination vacation you’ll be able to enjoy five star luxury without having to pay that luxurious price tag! American dollars go a long way in Fiji, and you’ll evne be able to pop over to Australia as part of your vacation if you like since they’re so close to one another; there are also many other islands nearby that you can hop to, making your trip a special one.

Why Choose an All Inclusive Fiji Vacation?

When you choose an all inclusive vacation in Fiji, you’ll be able to get all kinds of awesome perks like:

Sumptuous Fiji Suites: From intimate beachside shacks on the beach under shady palms to beautiful rooms in five start hotels, you’ll always have great rooms that face the ocean!

Fun Fiji Activities: There are many areas of Fiji, but you’ll always find something fun to do. Get out into the water and go swimming, sea kayaking, kite surfing and more; you won’t have to pay extra to have fun in the sun!

Drinks and Eats Come Standard: Why pay more for great food when you can eat in gourmet five star restaurants, and never worry about beverage allowances? You’ll be able to indulge yourself without breaking your budget, and the food is always local, fresh and delicious!

Get the All Inclusive Fiji Treatment!

If you want a fabulous Fiji vacation at a fantastic price, we can help! We offer a no strings consultation by phone (800) 510-5642 or check out our No Hassle No Obligation Consultation. We’ll help you plan the vacation of your dreams, and all you’ll have to worry about is finding the perfect spot on the beach. Don’t you deserve it?